Vintage 1946 Gibson Sj Southern Jumbo Acoustic Guitar With Case


 This is a Gibson SJ Southern Jumbo acoustic guitar. There is no serial number or factory order number, but as far as we can tell from the features it is a 1946 model. We are selling this for the son of the original owner.  The son recently found it in a case unplayed for 30 years, so little is known about the history of the guitar or any repairs that might have been done to it.  We are trying to be as accurate and honest as possible in our description, but have little information to go on and are not vintage guitar experts.  We have had several experts look at the guitar and here are some of their thoughts on the work that might have been done, but nothing can be guaranteed.

It looks like the bridge and top might have been reset at some point (perhaps removed). The bridge is set slightly off the original factory position  which has caused the strings to shift slightly toward the bass side of the neck. It also appears that a thin clear coat was likely applied to the body and neck after the repair. It appears to be all of the original  parts or at least direct replacements from the same era. The only part that appears different is the D string plastic tuning machine head. It looks like the machines where installed while the clear coat was a little soft and are inset a bit.  There is also a small screw hole at the bottom left of the high E string tuning machine head.

The guitar is in excellent condition. It looks great and only has minor finish cracks, all in the clear coat.  The neck is nice and straight with action at the 12th fret on the bass side about 7mm and about 5mm on the high E side. The jumbo body produces a great warm Gibson sound and projects rather well. It also has a nice thick neck profile that fits comfortably in your hand. This truly is a beautiful vintage guitar.

This auction is USA only. You are welcome to place a bid if you have a continental US shipping address. Serious bids and inquiries only please. This item is sold as-is with new locking Gator hard case and no returns are excepted. If would like any additional photos or have any questions please feel free to let us know.

Description: Gibson SJ Southern Jumbo flat top guitar
Available: 1942 to present (recently reissued by Gibson).

According to Gibson legend, Their sales representative for the states below the Mason-Dixon Line requested that the company build a flat-top just for the South; he felt that Gibson flat-tops were especially appreciated in that area and that a guitar specifically dedicated to the sweet old sunny South would be Gibson's tribute to Dixie, especially its great music and its greater musicians.