Harmony Sovereign 1260 Jumbo


Here is a 1960's Harmony Sovereign Acoustic Guitar. This is a one owner guitar. I bought it as a kid and have owned it ever since. It has gone through myself and four boys so cosmetically it is not in perfect condition. It is still in decent shape for a guitar of 40 plus years. This guitar is the exact type and style of the one that Jimmy Page donated to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio when I was there years ago. These old guitars sound great that's probably why they called them the "Poor Man's Martin". I hate to see this one go but I have to sell it to buy a new guitar that I want. The guitar still has quite a few years left in it. The neck is still very playable but it's at the point where it will need a neck reset if you plan on playing any style above the 12th fret. It has new Martin Lights 80/20 Bronze strings on it and sounds great. The wood on these guitars just keep getting better with age! The right side of the guitar has two places that have been accidently damaged but should be easy repairs if you wanted to repair it. It doesn't effect the sound or playability so I never did anything to fix it. I have taken quite a few pictures of the guitar, so If you're interested in having an old nice sounding guitar around to play without going broke this guitar is for you. I would like to see it go to a good home! If you want a guitar that's in perfect shape and buying for collectors value, don't bother! I do not have a case but will make sure it's packaged correctly. I have shipped several guitars before with no problems. I do not make any money off of shipping on you so whatever it cost is what you will pay. If there's any extra I will credit it back to your account. I almost forgot the 4th string(D) tunning key is bent a little bit from falling over on it so many times. However it still works fine it is just bent, but you will be able to see that in the pictures if you're interested. Good luck in bidding and be sure to ask me questions if you have any.Thank you!