Guild Classical Mark Ii Guitar 1962


Guild Classical Mark Ii Guitar 1962

Guild Mark II Classical Guitar 1962 vintage

This Classical Guild was made in Hoboken, N.J. in 1962. Its condition is FAIR but structurally sound. Plays nicely and has a warm Timbre, sweet resonant tone. Cosmetically looks like Willie Nelson played it most of his life.
I purchased it here a few years ago and I had several cracks, and a brace re-glued by a professional luthier. The D and G tuner knobs were bent, however he told me to leave it as is. They still work by hand (wouldn't use a string winder.)
Despite its cosmetic characters, the action is nice and the top is true. No fret buzz to speak of and I will ship this with a fresh set of tie end strings.
This classical guitar is already a collectible piece, just not a high dollar collectible piece.

Natural finish cedar top. Solid Mahogany back and sides. Mahogany neck full 2" width fretboard (rosewood), inlaid with silver frets. Rosewood bridge, Beautiful mosaic sound hole inlay, and bound top. 19 frets, joined at 12 fret.

I have no case or gig bag for this instrument, I purchased this of E-bay several years ago and quite frankly quite disappointed in the way they shipped it to me. A Flat screen TV box, and the headstock was poking out of the carton. I promise I will not ship this guitar in that hap hazard fashion, as I respect this forum and would never slam the buyer with shipping it that way.

Please feel free to ask any questions about the item, I will be happy to address them for you.
I appreciate the opportunity for you to take your time to consider this item here on E-bay!
Thank You!