1957 Gibson Cf 100 Acoustic Cut away Flat top


1957 Gibson Cf 100 Acoustic Cut away Flat top

I get a real pain reading eBay descriptions to describe instruments as "rare" or "vintage" when clearly, they are NOT.  This one IS.  BOTH.  Gibson introduced the CF-100 in 1951 as its first flat top with a cutaway. They ceased production in 1959, after making fewer than 1400 of these great guitars.

Based on the high-end parlor sized LG-3, the CF has solid spruce top, solid mahogony back, and scalloped X-bracing.  If the neck inlays look familiar, that's because this is the neck Mr. Les Paul selected for his namesake guitar introduced the following season. You KNOW what those feel like.

Hands on description-- It is unlikely that this guitar left Kalamazoo dressed in black, as "all" CF-100s had tobacco burst finish with a small tortoiseshell guard.  A better guess would be an older (ebony) refinish- likely to cover a repaired top crack or two. Point is, friends, an unfortunate re-fin means that people (players!) like you and I can afford a great playing classic. The label is missing.  The serial hard to read. I have the year only based on the story from the old guy I traded with to obtain it some years ago.  I believe him.

There are NO structural issues, save the age-appropriate repaired cracks.  The neck plays like a Paul.  The intonation will give you chills with spot on pitch and great harmonics and overtones. The tuners are appropriate reproduction Kluson strip tuners. I removed the tacky guard. You will see it on the case and understand why. (Disco 80's glow in the dark!) A proper guard is easy to buy from Stew-Mac. I prefer without, but you can decide.

If this guitar has a downside, it is simply the lesser volume its body size generates. Sweet, but not like a dread or a jumbo.  When I play out, I put a pickup in the sound hole.  I prefer the natural sound of a Seymour Duncan Acoustitube. If the bidding goes to $15oo (and it damn sure should) I will include one. (abt $100 fm Musicians' Friend.)

I carry this guitar in a high end hard shell case, but do have available, if you prefer, its beat and taped up (probably) original chip board case. I'd feel better shipping it in the good case, but you may choose.

If you subscribe to Vintage Guitar Magazine, and you should, you will see these guitars, when they do turn up,  advertised for $4-$6K. Those are collectors pieces.  This is a player. A GREAT player, but still not a collector's piece.

This is one I thought I would never sell, but I also thought my 84 Caprice wagon would last forever.  Silly me. Your opportunity.

Ask any questions.  Return acceptable in 3 days.  You won't.  You will love "Peaches" as much as I.

PAYPAL only, CONUS shipping only.